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This is Shaggy Swings

This woman here, is a lunatic! She has once again turned against a former AOL friend due to that friends honesty and backbone. This friend refused to carry on with the lies that Shaggy Swings was relating. Shaggy Swings true identity is ROSE HIRST...pictured below.

Now, this Shaggy Swings/ROSE HIRST has a profile with the real Shaggy picture in it plus, pictures of other former friends that, refused to perpetrate her lies and deceit. For the past 8 months, she has sat in the chat room trying to convince people that she was the love of a mans life which she met on AOL and, that she was carrying his baby. Well the tail of her being pregnant by him was soon found out when a few (now ex friends) decided enough was enough and, were honest enough to tell it like it was.

She has posted children's pictures on her profile(s), (I say profiles because. she has a slew of screen names and, more than 1 0r 2 on line at a time) which were stolen off of peoples profiles which, she has a beef with. These are CHILDREN, that have no part in this drama! Most of them are barely old enough to know what a computer is!

She comes back with, "you blogged my daughter" ! Yes, her daughter was blogged, her daughter is 20 and, right in the chat room along with her mother, screaming and yelling and whining everyday, just like her dear old mom. Then there is the claim that we blogged the judiciary reports that contained her daughters name.........when she was a minor. What i have to say to that is public information and, the courts put your daughters name in there. not anyone else. I would also like to ask ROSE, what is the difference between the judiciary reports about your daughters molestation and, you blogging my sons name and supposed picture saying things about him which were lies? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!

Here is another picture of Rose...............She goes by any of these names around AOL, Shaggy Swings, BOBSO TRKN, TANGIBLE ROSE TantalizinfgRose, TheRoseZone and, I am sure there are others, can't seem to remember them all!

If you happen to cross paths with this woman.............RUN...........Your very life may depend on it and, those of your families!


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shaggy2871 said...

Hey LOOK i have a clone lmaoooooooooo shes also giving me a bad name wtf lol

ShaggySwingsLow said...

awwwwww she is just trying to save her own rep by making others look bad............she is having problems living with the guilt of what she has done. she is trying to create a diversion, so to speak.

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Nyladidee has left a new comment on your post "THOSE BELLS STILL RINGING!":

Here Maddy
If you don't believe it's me, let me give you a tidbit of what Rose sent me. This is the bravest person I have ever known. I lost her a year ago and I am proud to call her my friend. Below is the letter that pissed Rose off so badly because my friend actually followed thru and sent this letter to Deputy Hirst's work place unlike all of you who do not follow thru on your threats, I'm proud to tell you she did so and then some.

Enjoy your reading!

PS: I'm still waiting for my fucking flowers!

March 21, 2007

Officer John Hirst

10520 Judical Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030

Hello John,

My name is Leslie J. Monroe and I’m writing to you in the hopes a troubling situation involving your wife’s internet activities can finally be brought to a halt. I contacted Lt. M. Whorton and she is the one who gave me this address and encouraged me to correspond with you. I hesitate to launch into all this old history but I can see until one of the main perpetrators of these horrible rumors I’ve had to suffer through for the last 8 years, is addressed, I’ll never have any relief.

I ‘met’ your wife, Rose, in a chat room I used to frequent, “Off Duty Cops” back in 1998 I think it was. It was a fun room. I had been online, with America Online since 1994 and hadn’t really discovered the cop chat rooms until I literally fell into it one, one day. I chatted with many of the men and women in that room in Instant Messages. Mostly men, but I assure you I wasn’t looking for internet dates I never was I was somewhat thrilled that all of us had equal footing so to speak. I had always felt a sense of honor towards anyone serving as a police officer, it’s a tough job and I had dated several policemen in my offline life so I thought it was cool to be in a mixed room as such. In fact I remember Rose used to discuss *you* in ODC, we would hear intimate details of your sex life and various other personal things Rose cared to discuss in the chat room. It was a tad on the disgusting side the way she’d launch into details about how you two were getting together. I believe you both were married to different spouses at the time. In those days I also gave out my phone number, mostly to the women in the room because I felt safe and it would be girl stuff that most of us talked about. Again I wasn’t looking for internet dates so when the men wanted to talk with me I would not indulge. I can’t remember exactly when it started to happen but a fracture occurred in the room and there were several women I used to give my real opinion to, in the room. I also gave my real opinion privately. I tell you this because later these IM’s were used against me, they were changed and embellished for effect. I also didn’t realize a good deal of the women who came to dislike me, were behaving like girls just out of high school; behaviors unbecoming of supposed mature women. I took your wife into my confidences many times much to my undoing as I’ve come to realize still yet this long out. I can tell you also John I am not the only one suffering from the many convoluted lies, made up stories, and hearsay your wife has indulged herself in. There is Cari, Missy and Dee. I spoke with Cari just the other day and we exchanged some interesting information with regards to your wife’s internet gossiping activities. There are many more who have been your wife’s focus for revenge activities for her perceived slights, I’m sure but I’m not on AOL anymore nor am I speaking with anyone from AOL. In fact I cancelled my AOL account last year this time and walked away for good.

But…I was sent some emails recently, alarming emails that were in response to what your wife is pulling out there in AOL chat rooms and out on the internet with regards to me and my friends were alarmed at what they were reading about Rose’s misperceptions of what she feels she knows of me. I’m alarmed too after reading reams of this stuff because she’s wishing for my death…making statements I, …”should get a bullet between your eyes”. I don’t know if indeed this is really her but I’m betting if it isn’t? Rose damn well knows WHO it is. This threat was procured from a web site Rose has been authoring, wherein she can degrades her female friends, and me, and from going to this web site and reading reams of hateful, revengeful, mean spirited if not repulsive lies about me, and seeing the same history dragged from one comment section to another I believe until I address the main architect of this drama, your wife, I will never have peace.

In September 1999, notably a night that changed my life, my friend at the time, Officer Tammy Woods, came into the room after a terrible fight had just come to a stop in ODC. An argument I might tell you that I neither instigated or finished, I did give my opinions in it of course and it caused some in the room to attack *me* personally. But when Officer Woods came in, she was looking for a fight, Woods was evidently on pain pills and was intoxicated (as I later was told by some of her friends) Woods started in on me, informing the whole room how “hated” I was how ugly I was (I’m not, again I used to send out my ‘real’ pic and I’m very attractive). Officer Woods then IM’d me and launched into some very nasty, if not descriptive language as to how she was going to run me out of the room, how much everyone loved her, how much everyone hated me, to the point that I remember even asking her was she drunk? Why was she attacking me like this? I saved the IM told her to leave me alone and then closed the IM. She IM’d me 3 more times, the IM’s becoming more and more threatening to me (I still have the IM’s) She then altered the comments put them back in the room that I was threatening her. She laughed in the IM telling me how did it feel to see how hated I was? Of course she managed to turn the whole room upside down and your wife was there. This wasn’t good enough for Woods, she then launched into mass emails informing anyone and everyone how *I* was threatening her, her child and she had to take action against me. These were all falsehoods, why in God’s name as a civilian would I be so inclined to do something so insane as to actually even try to threaten a woman I knew was a police officer? Woods had confided with me several times how she would ‘run’ her boyfriend’s ex girlfriends, which I thought was inappropriate but oh well, maybe having done this, she had to go about discrediting me? So no matter what I typed, I would NEVER BE BELIEVED. The only thing I can figure was Wood’s strategies at that time was, is in order to demean me and discredit me with this vicious rumor that I was “plotting” to have her murdered, it would surely fit the bill for running me off. In any case this is the pivotal point of when all the harassment to me began. It got really rough and your wife participated in these horrible rumors to gain some kind of popularity and to side with a woman your wife would later come to reveal to me was known as one of the, …”biggest, boozing, pill popping, tramps”.

There were many officers who were in that room that night and saw what Woods had concocted and were utterly disgusted with what Woods had done to me and suggested I call her Chief. Since I didn’t know Wood’s last name nor did I know where she worked, HER FRIENDS gave me that info. They were unimpressed with her lie, seeing through the drama she was creating but there were people in that room, including your wife, who took hold of that rumor and personally sent it around as a “fact”. I called Wood’s department and was dismissed off. I was unrelenting that all this had occurred over some kind of pull for popularity on the internet in a chat room no less. AOL “lost” the notify notices. I wrote letter after letter to her Chief. NO ONE EVER RESPONDED. Every time I signed on, I was IM’d by strangers, threatening me, informing me I should be dead for threatening a police officer. I was alarmed that over Wood’s concoctions, which humored her, to watch unfold to me, I was being targeted by these strangers. These kinds of IM’s started happening more and more until I closed my MoodyBluer AOL account and left AOL for about 18 months. This however did not stop the insanity. In fact if you look back in your phone records, I’m betting you *may* find: 707-252-1350 in the billings? These internet nutters called my office repeatedly. My associate was an attorney and he smelled a rat, so to speak. I had my own business at the time, as an Insurance Consultant so this interfered with legitimate business, how would I know? Who was calling? Why were they “looking” for me? Asking for my home number? Crazy stuff. Another lunatic that I had come to loath was a Virginia Taylor known to me as Kta1655 some other kind of number who made it her personal mission to harass me along with your wife, a revolting has been who would sit in any chat room I cared to belong in and discuss revolting, personal innuendos about her supposed AOL facts. I despised her, she acted almost like a lesbian, the way she’d go on about me, my looks, my age, my life, and her perceptions of my sex life!!! She too is probably another AOL goon that kept persisting in this offline harassment to me. They kept this up I guess until it got boring but not until they had annoyed my friend. I closed my business and moved on. Someone broke into my friend’s office it was right after some AOL stuff I had been working on and to this day it was an odd coincidence. I almost lost my dear friend’s association over this AOL crap. I was furious. I went to the Napa Police Department and spoke with a dismissive Detective who made light of the situation informing me I should…”walk away, move on with your life and ignore”. That was the biggest mistake I ever made and I’ve been paying for it, for 8 years.

Eight years John of having your wife in there taking her punches on my offline life, why? It gives her some kind of thrill knowing a horrible falsehood can never be remedied by me. In fact as short as 2 years ago I begged Rose to come forward and reveal all that had happened to me, that Rose PROMISED she would do, to Wood’s department who was at least were *finally* giving me an audience because I had run into Wood’s in a chat room and she again, after all these years announced in a small chat room I was in…”do I have to call AOL again, Leslie, and have you run off of AOL, again for your threats to me?”. I’m appalled this supposed professional can actually keep up these falsehoods on my person and suffer no repercussions for dispensing it again. It sickens me to know this woman has not only ruined my offline life with this crap but that she’s done this before to her other victims. Her department could care less what officers do in their offline time opposed to most police departments feeling a sense of pride and honor in that their officers do not indulge in such controversies in their downtime from work.

This wasn’t bad enough but to have to go through all the pains of coming back to AOL, signing under a pal’s account (to secure my privacy), and having your wife IM me, to inform me, …”everyone knew Tammy was a liar” I was again lulled into a cop chat room, “Kiss a Cop”. It was kinda fun until this ass Kta/Virginia Taylor showed up and along with Rose started the controversy of knowing I threatened a cop and a cop’s kid. I just couldn’t believe these women who are supposed to be mature adults could go on like this. Virginia was so revolting she would refer to me, in the room, as a “cunt” and feel a sense of pride for doing it. Rose uses that word frequently herself, in fact the two of these goofballs resort frequently to name calling and obsessing over women’s private parts as a way to demean, Rose and Virginia can be very ugly in this name calling stuff. When I came back to AOL, I bumped into some dude I only knew as Cert, an online haq’er. To this day all these goofballs figure he and I were best pals, we weren’t of course but that I locked horns with a woman by the screen name of “Copadorer” who later came to be known to me as Paula Hoopla did I go through the second coming of bullshit. Copa is another one full of her goodness factor, filling chat rooms full of her “nice” way but when a picture of her, sucking cock was sent to me, I was repulsed. This is a woman who “adores” cops but she’s sending this picture out as some kind of solicitation? I met some other people in the Kiss a cop chat room who then went to this new chat room supposedly owned by Copadorer. This is where this Cert fellow was. All these members knew who he was, I didn’t nor did I care. I figured cool, this guy knows his stuff on the computer! I bashed this Copadorer woman because she was a big mouth, a bully and when she had sent out a huge mass email warning people, it reeked of the same techniques that Officer Wood had indulged in so of course I took a dislike to it all. I voiced my opinion John and to this day for bashing Copa for 4 months I have never lived it down. She was another one your wife hung out with, and still considers a friend, even though I showed Rose all that had happened to me because of the made up hysterias these girls seem to engage in, at the drop of a hat. Mind you, I was no princess but then neither have I ever cared where any of these clods lived, what their telephone numbers are, or what they do for a living. The same cannot be said of any of them, who have spent an inordinate amount of time hunting me down on the internet. I truly have never understood the predilection to carry on as far as people like your wife do, or this idiot Copa or any number of the small handful of fools who have sought retribution on my person. I will NEVER understand the behavior!

Your wife has lied through her teeth to me and has admitted to doing so out there on the internet, now, is some cathartic belief she’s “talking to me” there? I honestly don’t understand this behavior, for I’m not out there I’m too busy working day in and day out and I assure you the last thing I’m going to be doing is signing on, and “secretly” harassing you wife. She’s made it food for fodder because the rumor has gone so deep, so long there are actually people still looking for me, to harm me under the supposed facts that have been given to them.

This is where another miscreant has surfaced, to harass me “for fun”; a man who has also served in law enforcement, a Sgt. no less who has defamed, discredited and harassed me for over the last 4 years on this made up bull about me being, …”a convicted cop killer”. Your wife speaks to him, by her own admissions, repeatedly and I’m sure she has fueled this lunatic into pestering me. This Sgt. actually intruded into my privacy, running me, and calling my home, to leave harassing, asinine messages. I’ve also been told that several people are out there now posting my real name, my Napa address my old telephone number in the hopes that *someone* will be provoked to respond, to find me, and hurt me or worse try to have me murdered. It’s insane! I’m sick to death of it and your wife, John, is at the bottom of all this stuff.

Rose has gathered in some other lunatic, known to be as aka a million other AOL accounts of people she hates on and impersonates aka Christy Collins, from Ashland, Kentucky, who I tried to befriend but who in a heartbeat turned on me and now, for the last year, along with your wife, have been chasing me about the internet to again cause me harm. They have too. How do I know this? Rose CONFESSED to the doing of it with her. They deny it *now* but they forget these IM’s they both have had with various people they tried to incite to harass me, gave me the stuff. Posting my real info, embellishing on hysterical rumors, instigating other crazy internet nuts to “come” after me? For what? Having an opinion and expressing it years ago? My God!

I should tell you I had sought the advice of not only my attorney associate but also still yet another attorney who deals with civil matters involving this sort of internet harassment. He told me with the stuff I had amassed and saved I could sue with, but he cautioned me, I would spend a lot of money doing it and I would probably win but it would be an empty victory since people like your wife and these other internet miscreants don’t have a pot to piss in or the window to throw it out of! So, John, I didn’t pursue it. But I can tell you, I’ve had enough of these shit heads pestering me, dragging my person into their every little drama for their fun. It sickens me that moving on with my life they still cannot just be mature adults and do the same. I’m tired of receiving emails about oddballs from the America Online service who have nothing better to do evidently but to keep dragging ME into their dramas.

I told your wife last year she was a soulless, heartless, hate monger and a person I wanted nothing to do with. In fact I told her this 2 years ago and repeated it back to her in RESPSONSE to unprovoked emails I received from her, that she fired off to me in retaliation again of a perceived slight she felt *I* was responsible for. That wasn’t good enough for her, she launched off 13 emails to me, implicating me in still yet another hysterical assumption *I* must have been out there harassing her so she, …”had to respond”. Rose is a disgustingly, sickening, narrow minded rumor monger. Rose is revengeful and retaliatory for her perceived slights and she’s got her own blog of shit she made up on ME again under the assumption, I’ve been out there “harassing” her, I haven’t been John I’ve been busy working day to day I don’t have the inclination or the time to be sitting out online, ‘hanging out’ to pester a woman I want NOTHING TO DO WITH. I despise your wife now, to see the stuff she’s put out there to humiliate me, which she has because she’s gone unchallenged and frankly? Who am I to have to go out and straighten out all the horrific if not libelous rumors she personally has indulged herself in, John? I’m just sickened by this and am worried, again that I must live in fear that because of the stuff Rose is indulging herself in she’s actually hoping someone will find me and hurt me.

I have all the last emails your wife sent me, I’d be all too happy to send them along to you John if you care to send me your email address? My email address is: She used YOU repeatedly in them, to threaten me, to inform me she would file charges on ME for harassing HER! I kept telling her to leave me alone but Rose had to have the last word. From what I’m reading out there she’s having a field day on me and I want this crap to stop. Rose is a bully plain and simple. I can show you my allegations of her harassments, her using intimidation, of you are going to come after me, telling me she “knows” I have been doing all of this crap, easily in these emails. And no, they are not altered, I have no reason to cheapen myself as such, the truth is all there. In fact there are many people right now who are sickened by Rose’s internet conduct and evidently they have used my style of conversion to fool her, to get her mad, deflecting the insults off of them, and back to me. I told her as such many times there are people she has pissed off and who are enjoying fooling her but she won’t unclasp her cyber fangs off of me. Someone posted her name and address and she evidently made the leap it had to be me but John I have never had any snail mail from her she’s given her name out every time she calls anyone as Cari told me the other day, your name is on the phone!

There is so much more, but it would be easier, if you care too, to send this stuff along in emails. I can not give you my phone number, Rose has indicated if I have any contact with you, she will broadcast it all over the internet, and this is my 4th unlisted telephone number to keep my privacy. My post office address is also being broadcasted if not by Rose then by this other internet stalker crazy woman I referred to as “AOL dumb” and who has for the last year stalked me all over the internet with her harassing crap she’s delved into by paying for and posting my personal info. This is the woman I just told you about who is playing tag team with Rose on this “tried to threaten a cop’s kid” bit and who I came to know as aka Christy Collins. Collins is another one with revenge in her heart, she’s victimized so many on AOL but she was trying to make a name for herself on these contrived cop killer statements, on me, and it’s given her a good run. If I knew where this woman was, I would serve her a Cease and Desist order to her in snail mail. She feels a certain sense of victory that she can sit back, hiding behind her monitor and harass me undaunted now reaching a year out.

I can’t get these crazies out of my life but I feel starting with your wife will be a very good start. I am hoping you and I can converse, I would be inclined to call you on my dime but again…. I would ghost my number I am too frightened to give up my last remaining slice of privacy over this AOL bullshit.

I would like for you to coax your wife into removing all that libelous junk off her blog site along with her buddy’s blog site, Sgt. Robert Casey’s defaming blog site, this one: This is evidently Rose’s own blog:

Rose speaks with this lunatic evidently on a regular basis, on the phone, he’s in Texas. The both of them seem to know no end to their “fun” time, hurting others with their insanity. Casey is another one I complained to his department about for stalking me, in fact about 15 of us did, and I hear his precinct was going to do something about it, but I don’t know anymore what the final outcome was, since Texas has a whole different way they deal with miscreants like him. He’s an ugly little, fat man who launched his tirades on me for asking him in a chat room to lower his caps and loose the underlines near over 4 years ago. For that I’ve had my personal life destroyed with his allegations of “knowing Leslie is a convicted felon” that Mr. Casey is all to happy to sing to anyone that will lend him an ear, for he makes it sound believable! I despise him and he’s become more and more determined to continue to intrude on my offline life as your wife has but he’s a whole different matter. IGNORING THESE MATTERS DOES NOT MAKE THEM GO AWAY. It never does, it makes these miscreants become bolder, nastier, more engaged in *their* handiwork and how it affects *their* victims.

Looking forward to your help.

Thank you,

Mizz Leslie J. Monroe

Post Office Box 23

Napa, CA 94559

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